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brick chimney

“Dave Peters has worked on my 1803 Farmhouse and his work has always been excellent. He has painted my office, put a bathtub into my upstairs bathroom complete with surrounding woodwork, and most importantly he has installed a beautiful wood burning stove into my house. The wood burning stove works like a dream and keeps me toasty warm all winter. Dave installed a vent above the stove so that air would circulate upstairs.

He ensured that the stovepipes were of the best quality and attached them to the outside of the building very securely so that even the wildest windstorm would not bother them. I have seen Dave’s masonry work in other houses and it is the beautiful work of a craftsman who knows and loves stone. He selects his stones carefuly and builds every fireplace or chimney with the greatest attention to detail. I would highly recommend his stonework and chimney installation.”
— New Haven, VT

Green house

“In 2004, Mr. Dave Peters submitted a bid to install 24,000 full sized antique tan bricks for a French style (mini chateau), 5,000 sq. ft. residence for Mr. & Mrs. Green in Manchester, Vermont. After reviewing several other bids for this masonry work, based on Mr. Peters’ brochure and personal recommendations, we awarded the contract to Mr. Peters. Mr. Peters, his master mason and helper employees proceeded to construct the walls and chimney, which included soldier courses, sloped sills, and quoin corner decorations.

The work performed was impeccable, with adherence to the detailed plans prepared by the architect, without extra charges and completed prior to the anticipated schedule. For any masonry work, brick or stone, I heartedly recommend that you consider and retain Mr. Dave Peters.”
– Mr. & Mrs. Green, Manchester, VT

“Dave’s artisanry is not only unmatched, but his subtle artistic flair makes all of his work unique. Whether a chimney or a floor, you’ll be appreciating his personal touches for years to come.”
– Tom Petersen, Monkton, VT

stone patio

“In the Fall of 2009, David artistically used large and small, blue, red, brown, and gold slabs of blue stone to create our large patio and walkway.He planned this jig saw puzzle using just the right color and slab shape. It was fun to return home as this work of art grew daily. The days grew cold, but he completed this job on time and before the winter set in.”

“David is an artist and a master craftsman with stonework. Our patio and walkway are truly a thing of beauty. His work has enhanced and beautified the main portal to our country home and it is admired by all who come to visit us. We are delighted with his work.”
- Betsy and Gerry Gossens, Salisbury, VT